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Meet 8-year-old Magnificent Margaret McGill. She’s great at school, soccer, piano, and everything else! Yet, Margaret soon gets so busy juggling everything that she loses her balance. She feels pressure to be perfect, but there isn’t enough time in the day! Margaret is losing both sleep and focus. How should she cope with her worries AND do everything she needs to?  And who can she turn to for help without disappointing them?


Young minds and their families can embark with Magnificent Margaret on this heartwarming, must-read journey of communication, transformation, and well-being. They can immerse themselves in the rhyming, charming tale as Margaret grapples with her need for perfection, competing priorities, and a rollercoaster of emotions. Join Margaret and her parents as they learn it’s much better to give your best effort rather than exhaust yourself for perfection. 




Please come back for additional details, release dates, and retailers.

Magnificent Margaret

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