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About Kaz Mataz

Animal friends like our walrus, rino, snail, dino, hamster, and gorilla.  Along with one of our pajama kids and a brushy dude.

What We Are

We are a team of artists, writers, entrepreneurs, and advisors. We are also children, parents, and grandparents.


We work closely with our community of educators, artists, parents, and kids to bring our stories to life. 


Involving kids in our process makes them excited to read and re-read books that align with their education and development, using leading practices in teaching, design, and art. 

Why We Are

Most kids mentally and emotionally separate their educational, directed reading from their fun, free-time reading. This is regardless of their age or learning level.

No surprises there.


We also found big gaps between the books kids read in their free time and what they read for school.

Fun books that don't provide much learning. Or learning books that aren't much fun.


Sound familiar?  


That's why we work so closely with artists, educators, parents, and kids. To make excellent books that seamlessly bridge those gaps.


Our books both nurture their limitless imaginations and stimulate their growing minds.

We put the FUN in learning fundamentals. Oh, geez. Ignore the dad joke, sorry. We have a couple of dads working here.  We'll keep them in check.

Who We Are

Kalie.  Founder, dancer, childcare specialist, painter, illustrator, designer.
Zach.  Founder, originator, illustrator, designer, editor, writer, tech entrepreneur, Dad.

Zach D.

Kalie E.

B.A. in Biology with a minor in Somatic Dance

Put career in child care on pause to pursue a lifelong love of creative writing, visual art, and content management

Loves hiking, camping, and being outside, especially in autumn

Adores dogs AND cats

Dislikes cloudy days and shrimp

Worked at startups and tech companies in product development

More-than-dabbles in writing, cartooning, photography, and illustration

Loves comic strips, graphic novels, and fiction books

Makes up wild stories, goofy rhymes, and Dad jokes non-stop

Loves cooking, art, music, and being a Dad

Dislikes jiggly–wiggly, squooshy foods 

Josh.  Founder, editor, finance, accounting, dad, grandad.

Josh M.

Works at small businesses, specializing in finance, accounting, and advising

Loves year-round grilling, being a husband, dad, and granddad

Makes up lots of silly songs to sing to his grandchild and wife

Enjoys sharing good food and fun with his family and friends

Likes to play golf, tennis, and pickle-ball ... with marginal skill

Doesn’t like fruit or sitting still

Max.  Creator, idea maker, imaginer, kid, awesome.

Max T.

Resident kid and creative consultant

Loves nature, soccer, tennis, his dogs, and playing pickleball with his Mom

Enjoys at-home science experiments with his Dad

Thinks jumping spiders are super cool and has a couple as pets

Draws non-stop when time permits

Dislikes mashed potatoes

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